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Cheap Kitchens: How to Create Your Dream Kitchen on a Budget

Do you intend to create a nice kitchen on a budget? Oh, yes, totally you can! Kitchens, you know, they've become so organized now and have taken modern styles eliminating irrelevant materials around.  However, somewhere like the UK, has a high standard of living but this would not deprive us of living our dream lives. Therefore, we have to find a way to make cheap kitchens look cool without spending much. You can also check our options here at Rapid Kitchen as we offer cheap kitchen options.

Meanwhile, if you're wondering:

  • Where to grab cheap kitchens in the UK?

  • If cheap kitchens can be cool?

  • What's the downside of not reducing a budget on kitchens?

  • What's the difference between different affordable kitchen appliances?

We have provided solutions on this page. We recommend you take your time to check it this page to explore great options to get yourself a modern and affordable kitchen in the UK. 

How Can I Do My Kitchen Cheaply?

You might have seen pictures of aesthetically pleasing kitchens on the web. And you rule yourself out thinking 'Oh I can't afford it'. Now it's time to change that though as we bring to you that we can now acquire a cheap kitchen. No matter your budget, you can create your dream kitchen. Here we'd list practical ways to realize a cheap yet aesthetically pleasing kitchen.

#1. Cabinet Door Replacement :

 As the saying goes ' a creative mind is a fertile land for growth '. You can start by using creative and smart thinking to bypass the problem of increasing costs which can delay your plan for a new kitchen. If you like how your kitchen is arranged and the cabinets are still in good shape, you can make it look new by changing only the doors. This is a cool idea, especially if you want to use ready-made cabinets but make them look awesome with trendy doors. The doors of your cabinets are the parts you notice and touch the most. Naked Doors creates frames, doors, and drawer fronts that can easily be attached to the front of your cabinets. It's a fantastic option for you who want a stylish look on a budget and love good design.

#2. Use Paint Creatively:

 Ideas of a painted kitchen can bring life when it all looks lifeless. You can change how your kitchen looks without spending a lot of money by smartly using colors. You can put a cool curtain under the sink, hang pretty plates on the wall, or add special metal handles to your cabinets. Instead of having big cabinets on the wall, you can use a shelf and put nice dishes on it. This not only costs less but also makes the kitchen feel more open. To make a big change, think about painting wooden cabinet doors with glossy, s8atin, or eggshell paints. These paints give a strong and long-lasting finish. The shiny surface is easy to clean, which is important for places like kitchen cabinets that can get dirty easily. Fill in any holes, sand the old surface, and use a primer for a super smooth finish.

How Much Does An Average Kitchen Cost In The UK?

An average kitchen would be identified as the type of kitchen owned by middle-income earners. It's the type of kitchen you would find in a UK household. 

An average kitchen in the UK would fall within a range of £5000 to £12000. With the introduction of Do-it-yourself practices, you can be sure to have a cheap kitchen while still maintaining quality.

Who Is The Cheapest Kitchen Supplier UK?

There are a handful of cheap kitchen suppliers in the UK. If your goal is to achieve your dream kitchen on a budget, here we have compiled a list of 8 cheap kitchen suppliers.


#8. Kitchen Warehouse:


Kitchen Warehouse is known for its supply of a wide range of kitchens. From complete units to doors, they have them all available and supply directly to their customers.

#7. CutPrice Kitchens:


CutPrice Kitchens supplies a wide variety of accessories like kitchen taps, kitchen sinks, washers and dryers, coolers and ovens, and more at affordable prices.

#6. Better Kitchens:


Better Kitchens supplies exquisite kitchens that can be tailored to your budget. With a focus on different colored kitchens, you can be sure to find visually pleasing cheap kitchens.

They offer a series of kitchens like Howden Kitchens, Magnet Kitchens, and Wikis kitchens

 #5. Factory Kitchens:


 They provide a range of kitchens fitted to the taste and style of their customers.

#4. Units Online:


 Units Online specializes in providing DIY kitchens. 

 #3. Discount Kitchens Factory: 


Discount Kitchens Factory offers cheap kitchens focusing on durability and aesthetic appearance. They also offer bespoke services.

#2. Kitchen Works: 


Kitchen Works also offers cheap kitchens enabling you to achieve your dream kitchen on a budget

#1. Rapid Kitchens:


Rapid Kitchens is the leading kitchen supplier in the UK. With Rapid Kitchens, you can rest assured of achieving your dream kitchen even on a budget. Rapid kitchens lead in expertise with a team consisting of professionals with strong experience in kitchen innovations. You can also find any color for your kitchen as

Rapid Kitchens provides endless color options. No matter how your budget it's, you have no cause to worry as quality is maintained even at an affordable price. At Rapid Kitchen, a customer-centric approach is maintained as customer needs and preferences are prioritized throughout the entire process. 

You don't need to wait any longer to acquire the kitchen of your dreams as Rapid Kitchen presents you with all these qualities tailored to your needs.

How to Create Your Dream Kitchen on a Budget

Now you must be convinced that you can create your dream kitchen no matter your budget. Here are some points on creating a cheap kitchen. 

#1. Start with thinking about the functionalities 

Imagine your kitchen is like a big environment where you get to play around it. Think about what parts of it don't feel fun or don't work well for you. Do you use your kitchen for more than just cooking? Maybe it's where you hang out with friends, do homework, or play. Understanding how you use your kitchen is like finding the best spots for your favorite games. It's about making your kitchen a very cool and comfortable place for all the fun things you like to do. Take your time to list all you want your kitchen to be used for as it would help in the further design of your dream kitchen

#3. Put Appliances Into Consideration

When envisioning the design of your kitchen, it's important to take into account all the needed and desired appliances. You might be a passionate baker needing a double oven or your large family size might need a big refrigerator. Rapid Kitchen puts you in a thoughtful consideration to choose appliances that would help you achieve your dream kitchen.

#4. Consideration of Storage Needs 

Consider what items you store in your kitchen—things like food, big and small machines, baking sheets, and cutlery. We'll suggest ways to help you stay organized. For instance, you could use dividers for large baking sheets, ensuring they always have a designated space. Instead of cabinets with doors, think about incorporating deeper drawers. If you enjoy cooking, think about adding shelves that pull out your spices. This way, your go-to spices are conveniently located right next to your stove for easy access.

#5. Setup Your Lighting 

Include three types of lighting in your kitchen: General, Task, and Accent. General lighting gives an overall glow, like recessed lights. Task lighting helps you do specific things, like undercabinet lights for cooking. Accent lighting draws attention to cool parts, such as lights under glass cabinets or on top of them. Having all three makes your kitchen look awesome and helps you see and do everything better!

Top 5 Cheap Kitchen Designs In The UK 

There are many kitchen designs but here we narrow down to the top cheap kitchen designs in the UK.

#1. Modern Rustic Charm 

This design mixes modern straight lines with cozy, natural features such as wooden countertops, visible brick walls, and farmhouse sinks.

#2. Bold Monochrome

Bold monochrome stands out with bold black or white cabinets, shiny appliances, and touches of bright color or shiny metal details.

#3. Sustainable Scandi

This design uses eco-friendly materials like bamboo, recycled glass, and energy-saving appliances. It keeps things simple with light wood, a clean look, and touches of greenery for a calm and natural vibe.

#4. Industrial Chick

It adds raw touches with things like visible brick, metal beams, and concrete counters. It also includes old-fashioned hanging lights and stainless steel appliances for a cool and city-style atmosphere.

#5. Colourful Conviviality

This design adds fun with bursts of color, like bright blues, lively greens, or sunny yellows. It also uses patterned tiles, mix-and-match chairs, and open shelves for a vibrant and happy vibe.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cheap Kitchens

Can I Own a Cheap Kitchen 

Yes, you can own a cheap kitchen. With DIY practices you can eliminate the majority of labour costs.

Where Can I Get The Best Cheap Kitchens?

Many suppliers offer cheap kitchens but Rapid Kitchens offers the best prices meeting your personal needs and requirements.

Would Cheap Kitchens Retain Quality?

Total quality can be maintained even if you're on a budget. Rapid Kitchen maintains top quality in its very affordable kitchens.

How Do I  Choose a Design for My Kitchen 

Choosing a design would depend on different factors like the general house design. Other factors like the functionalities intended for the kitchen can be used to get a design. 

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