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Top 10 Liverpool Kitchen Installers 

If you find yourself on this page, it means you need a nicely fitted and designed kitchen for your home. So, if you stay in Liverpool or anywhere around the UK you can find good Kitchen installers from our list to help with your dream kitchen. We have featured good Liverpool kitchen installers for you to add to your watchlist of good kitchen companies herein. 

Liverpool Kitchen Installers 

Furthermore, kitchen installers are needed in most cases when you want to set up a new kitchen with dynamic styles.  Because to some extent, they help to reduce the payment process if you don't have it all figured out. We at Rapid Kitchen offer Flexible payment systems that make setting up your new kitchen easy for you. Meanwhile, we encourage you to stick to this page to get the most out of it. 

Who Are Kitchen Installers?

Kitchen installers include skilled professionals who specialize in the planning, assembly, and installation of kitchens. Their tasks can range from simple tasks like fitting appliances and worktops to more complex projects involving complete kitchen renovations. 

You can learn more about their typical responsibilities as elaborated below;

#1. Planning and Measurements

They may collaborate with designers or work from existing plans to determine the optimal layout for your kitchen. This involves taking precise measurements of the space to ensure everything fits seamlessly.

#2. Cabinet Installation

Kitchen installers securely mount cabinets onto walls and floors, ensuring they are level, plumb, and properly aligned.

Worktop Installation: They cut, fit, and secure worktops according to the chosen material and specifications. This might involve tasks like connecting sinks and cooktops.

#3. Appliance Installation

They install various appliances like ovens, hobs, dishwashers, and refrigerators, ensuring proper connections to plumbing and electrical points.

#4. Tiling and Flooring

This is optional and depends on the project scope, some installers might handle tiling splashbacks or laying new flooring in your kitchen.

#5. Finishing Touches

They complete the installation by attaching handles, knobs, and other finishing elements, ensuring a clean and professional look.

Additional Skills and Considerations

  • Kitchen installers often possess carpentry skills to ensure proper fitting of cabinets and worktops.

  • They might have basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical work, particularly for connecting appliances.

  • For larger renovations, they might collaborate with other tradespeople like plumbers and electricians for more complex tasks.

  • Some kitchen installers work independently, while others are employed by kitchen retailers or construction companies.

When to Hire a Kitchen Installer

If you're planning a kitchen renovation, hiring a qualified kitchen installer is crucial. They possess the expertise and experience to ensure your kitchen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also safe and functional. Their involvement can save you time, prevent costly mistakes, and guarantee a professional result.

List of Best Liverpool Kitchen Installers 

#1. Rapid Kitchens

Rapid Kitchens specializes in pre-designed kitchens known for their affordability and quick installation (typically 1-2 days). We offer handleless, shaker, and slab styles in a wide range of colors. Our prices start at £2,299 and reportedly include worktops, oven hobs, extractor hoods, sinks, and taps. Our prices are unbeatable and significantly lower than other competitors. You can reach us from this website or book your quote to communicate your kitchen plans. We serve people in the UK and are the best Liverpool kitchen installers you will find. 

#2. A J Kitchen Installations Ltd

The AJ Kitchen Installation Ltd offers various kitchen fitting services like full or partial installations, worktop replacements, and kitchen makeovers. They emphasize high-quality work at reasonable prices and excellent customer service.

#3. Howdens Joinery Liverpool

Howdens Joinery is the UK's leading supplier of kitchens and joinery products. Their Liverpool depot offers various services, including design, installation, and customer support. They stock a wide range of kitchen units, worktops, flooring, and tools. Howdens provides complimentary in-home design consultations, allowing you to discuss your kitchen renovation plans with a professional. Based on Trustpilot's customer reviews, Howdens appears to be known for its excellent service.

#4. Wren Kitchens Liverpool

Wren Kitchen offers a variety of kitchen styles, including modern, shaker, traditional, and inframe designs. Customers can choose from an extensive color palette, including white, black, grey, cream, blue, and green. Beyond kitchens, Wren Kitchens offers worktops, appliances, accessories, and sinks. They potentially sell bedroom furniture as well.

#5. B&Q Kitchens Liverpool

B&Q Kitchens provides excellent fitted kitchen services. They can assist you in designing your dream kitchen and offer financing, design consultations, and installation. B&Q reportedly offers a 25-year guarantee on their kitchens, providing peace of mind for your investment.

#6. Cleveland Kitchens & Bedrooms

Cleveland Kitchens specializes in designing, supplying, and installing high-quality kitchens and bedrooms. They offer a variety of kitchen units in various styles and colors, alongside worktops, appliances, and potentially bedroom furniture. They emphasize a personalized approach, working closely with clients throughout the design and installation process.

#7. M.P Kitchen Fitting

M.P. Kitchen Fitting likely focuses on kitchen installation services, potentially including full or partial kitchen installations, worktop replacements, and appliance fitting. They have good highlights of their commitment to providing a reliable, friendly, and professional service.

#8. Mersey Kitchens

Mersey Kitchens is also another wonderful kitchen installer you can find in Liverpool. They also of full or partial kitchen installations, worktop replacements, and appliance fitting.

#9. DK Installations

DK Installations specializes in various domestic installations, potentially including kitchens, bathrooms, and central heating systems. They showcase completed projects in different styles, suggesting their adaptability to various client requirements.

#10. Eco Builders NW Ltd

Eco Builders NW Ltd provides a comprehensive range of building services, including kitchen design, supply, and installation. They might also handle aspects like plumbing, electrical work, and project management for a complete kitchen renovation. Eco Builders NW Ltd emphasizes eco-friendly practices and energy-efficient solutions, potentially incorporating these considerations into your kitchen design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Liverpool Kitchen Installers

What factors should I consider when choosing a Liverpool kitchen installer?

Here are some key considerations:

  • Project Complexity: For a simple refresh, a local installer might suffice. For a complete overhaul, consider companies offering design services.

  • Budget: Compare pricing structures, with some offering pre-designed packages and others requiring customized quotes.

  • Reviews and Reputation: Research online reviews and ask for references to gauge the quality of work.

  • Communication: Prioritize clear and easy communication throughout the project.

What services do Liverpool kitchen installers typically offer?

Services can vary, but common offerings include:

  • Full or partial kitchen installation

  • Worktop replacement

  • Appliance fitting

  • Project management (for larger renovations)

  • Kitchen design services (offered by some companies)

How long does a typical kitchen installation take?

The timeframe depends on the project's complexity. Pre-designed kitchens from companies like Rapid Kitchens might be installed within 1-2 days, while complete renovations can take several weeks.

What should I do to prepare for a kitchen installation?

Here are some preparation tips:

  • Clear the space: Remove existing furniture and appliances from the installation area.

  • Plan for disruptions: Arrange for temporary plumbing and cooking facilities if necessary.

  • Communicate clearly: Discuss your expectations and any concerns with the installer beforehand.

How much does a kitchen installation typically cost in Liverpool?

Prices can vary greatly depending on the kitchen size, chosen materials, and the project's complexity. However, expect to pay anywhere from a few thousand pounds to upwards of £20,000 for a complete renovation.

What are some additional costs to consider besides the installation fee?

Be prepared for additional costs like:

  • Kitchen units and worktops

  • Appliances

  • Plumbing and electrical work (if needed)

  • Flooring and tiling

  • Building materials (for larger renovations)

Will I need any permits for a kitchen installation?

For minor renovations, permits might not be necessary. However, for major structural changes or alterations to plumbing or electrics, permits from your local council might be required. It's best to check with your chosen installer or a building professional to determine if permits are needed for your specific project.

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