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Which Kitchen Company Is Best UK | Top 10

Updated: Jan 31

Luckily, here in the UK, we have so many lovely kitchen companies to choose from. However, this makes it difficult to choose from the variety of beautiful styles and options they give. Still, each of them has its pros and cons, different price ranges, reputations, and other things to consider such as warranties. So now you may be wondering which kitchen company is best in the UK? Thus, this page will help to guide you through your kitchen renovation and home choices when looking for which kitchen company is best for you to choose from in the UK.

Furthermore, a good kitchen should tick several design boxes therefore, this kitchen company should have to meet the ticks. First and foremost a good kitchen should show the picture of functionality, with a considered flow around the room. It should also have a sensible configuration of cabinets, drawers, and appliances, and ample space for storage. They should be made of hardy, durable, and easy-to-clean materials, and they should ultimately fit the design tastes of the family. 

You will find several wonderful high street and independent retailers in the UK that can offer great kitchen design options to help you design your dream kitchen. Here we look at 10 of the best and encourage you to carefully read through to see them. 

Top 10 Best UK Kitchen Company

Below, we've elaborated on the 10 best kitchen companies you will find in the UK in case you still seek which kitchen company is best in the UK. We've listed them in no particular order so please pay attention to all the kitchen companies;

#1. Rapid Kitchen


Rapid Kitchens is one of the finest kitchen companies in the UK. With its incredible combination of speed, style, and budget-friendly kitchen designs and services. 

Our kitchen company can fully install a brand-new kitchen, in just one day, for up to 50% less than traditional brands. Rapid Kitchens takes the hassle out of renovation, offering complete pre-designed packages that include everything.


  • Competitive Prices: Rapid Kitchens boasts prices 50% lower than major brands like Wren and B&Q. This could be a significant advantage for budget-conscious buyers.

  • One-Day Installation: Our guaranteed one-day kitchen installation is a major selling point, especially for people who dislike lengthy renovations.

  • Free Design and Measurement: We offer free 3D design and measurement services, taking the guesswork out of planning your new kitchen.

  • Complete Packages: Our kitchens come with all the essentials, including worktops, appliance sinks, and taps, simplifying the purchasing process.

  • Multiple Styles: We offer a variety of kitchen styles, from handleless and shaker to slab, catering to different tastes.

  • Positive Customer Reviews: Our website and social media showcase positive customer reviews, suggesting a track record of satisfied clients.


  • Limited Showroom: We only have one physical showroom in Liverpool, which might be inconvenient for customers outside the area.

  • Pre-Designed Packages: While convenient, our pre-designed packages might not offer the same level of customization as bespoke solutions.

#2. Howdens Kitchens


Howdens is a leading trade kitchen supplier in the UK, established in 1995. They offer nine kitchen ranges, from classic shaker styles to modern designs. While they work exclusively with contractors, their kitchens are UK-manufactured and come at a budget-friendly price.


  • UK Manufactured: Howden kitchens are made in the UK.

  • Finance Available: They offer financing options.

  • Planning Service: Howdens provides a planning service.

  • Budget-Friendly: It's a good budget option, with prices ranging from £5,000 to £15,000.


  • Exclusive Contractor Partnership: Works exclusively with contractors, so you need to go through an approved trader.

  • No Installation Service: Howdens doesn't offer an installation service.

#3. Neptune


Neptune, known for its beautiful interior design, provides four kitchen styles namely; Chichester, Henley, Limehouse, and Suffolk. Their kitchens balance tradition and innovation, offering an installation service. However, they are on the higher end in terms of cost.


  • Tradition and Innovation: Balances tradition and innovation.

  • Installation Service: Offers installation services.

  • Various Styles: Provides various kitchen styles under a unifying signature style.


  • High Cost: Designs start from £8,000, but a fully fitted kitchen is considerably higher.

#4. IKEA


IKEA is a go-to for affordable kitchens, providing simplicity and clean lines. With a range of styles like BODARP and AXSTAD, IKEA allows flexibility and customization. Keep in mind that it involves self-assembly, and the quality, while excellent for its price, may not match bespoke cabinetry.


  • Affordability: Known for affordability.

  • Flexibility: Offers flexibility in choosing elements.

  • Best-Fitted Kitchens: Provides well-fitted kitchens among mass-produced options.


  • Self-Assembly: Requires self-assembly.

  • Quality Comparison: While excellent in its terms, it may not compare to bespoke cabinetry.

#5. DIY Kitchens


DIY Kitchens, since 1982, focuses on delivering stunning yet budget-friendly kitchens. Offering a wide range, including modern, traditional, shaker-style, and more, they provide high-spec fully built units at flat pack prices. They have a showroom in West Yorkshire but operate on a supply-only basis.


  • Affordability: Offers stunning yet affordable kitchens.

  • High Spec Units: High-spec fully built units at flat pack prices.

  • Extensive Choices: Over 50,000 products, including modern, traditional, shaker-style, and custom-painted options.

  • Expert Advice: An expert team is available for advice.

  • Showroom: Has a showroom in West Yorkshire.


  • Supply Only: Operates on a supply-only basis.

#6. Magnet Kitchens


Magnet, with over a century of kitchen-making experience, holds the title of the country's oldest manufacturer. Offering around 30 kitchens, their Signature Service provides a dedicated designer, home survey, and aftercare.


  • Guided Design Process: An experienced designer serves as your single point of contact.

  • Complimentary 3D Design: Receive a free 3D design and a no-obligation quote.

  • Sustainable: Magnet prioritizes sustainability and responsibility.

  • Century’s Worth of Experience: With over 100 years of expertise.

  • Warranties and Quality Materials: Lengthy warranties and use of good-quality materials.


  • Premium Pricing: Being a premium brand, Magnet commands higher prices.

#7. B&Q Kitchens


In 2021, B&Q earned the title of Lowest Priced Leading DIY Retailer of Kitchens. With prices starting just over £1k, B&Q offers twelve styles, including the popular Garcinia Matt Stone.


  • Low-Cost Supplier: Recognized as a leading low-cost supplier of kitchens.

  • Hard-Wearing: Kitchens are hard-wearing, making them suitable for rental property


  • Trusted Fitter Necessary: Requires a trusted fitter or self-installation.

  • Limited Aftercare: No aftercare service is provided.

#8. Wren Kitchens


Ideal for budget-conscious consumers, Wren Kitchens offers a range of inexpensive kitchens with various styles, including sleek Italian gloss, traditional Edwardian, and rustic Country Kitchen. If your home is of a more traditional persuasion, then the Edwardian Kitchen is a great bet. And if you like your kitchen to come with a more bucolic flavor, then the Country Kitchen in Drawing Room Green is a winner. Browse the whole selection here.


  • Color and Style Options: Kitchens are available in 50 colors, 15 worktop finishes, and 10 door styles.

  • Versatile Options: Offers flat-pack, ready-assembled, and bespoke choices.

  • Design Planning Service: Design planning service is available.

  • Fitting Service: Fitting service is available at an extra cost.


  • Limited Appliance and Worktop Warranties: Warranties on kitchens don't apply to appliances or worktops.

#9. Naked Kitchens


Naked Kitchens opts for an online presence to keep costs low while focusing on meticulous design and engineering. Standouts include the handle-free Ladbroke and the craftsmanship of the Long Acre kitchen.


  • Design Director Oversight: Every project is overseen by the Design Director.

  • Online-Only Cost Efficiency: Keeping costs lower through an online-only approach.

  • Unique Manufacturing Space: Manufacturing occurs in a giant WW2 aircraft hanger.

  • Great Aftercare: Offers great aftercare service.


  • No High Street Presence: No high street showrooms, but customers can visit the showroom if desired.

#10. British Standard


Established in 2011 by Fontana and Niblock, British Standard offers a budget-friendly alternative to Plain English, providing off-the-peg cupboards in a similar style. While the range of options mirrors some of those in Plain English, the materials are simpler, and there is no design service.


  • Plain English Style at Lower Price: Offers the Plain English style at a more affordable price point.

  • Exceptional Quality: Maintains exceptional quality standards.

  • Free Design Consultation: Provides a free design consultation service.


  • Customer-Fit Requirement: Customers need to arrange the fit, although British Standard supplies a detailed fitting guide.

Frequently Asked Questions About Which Kitchen Company Is Best In The UK

Are there affordable kitchen options in the UK?

Yes, several kitchen companies offer affordable options, including Rapid Kitchen, IKEA, B&Q, and DIY Kitchens. Each caters to different budgets and styles.

What are the popular styles in UK kitchens?

Shaker, traditional, modern, and handleless kitchens are popular styles in the UK. Each style caters to different tastes and design aesthetics.

Do kitchen companies provide installation services?

Some kitchen companies offer installation services, while others may require you to arrange to fit independently. Check with the specific company about their installation options.

Are there sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen options available?

Yes, many kitchen companies prioritize sustainability. Companies like Rapid Kitchen, Neptune, and British Standard are known for their commitment to responsible and eco-friendly practices.

Can I get a design consultation before purchasing a kitchen?

Yes, several kitchen companies offer free design consultations as part of their services. We at Rapid Kitchen offer that too. This allows you to discuss your preferences and get expert advice before making a decision.

Are warranties provided for kitchen products?

Yes, many kitchen companies offer warranties for their products. The duration and coverage may vary, so it's important to inquire about warranties when making a purchase.

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