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Introducing our sleek and efficient 4 Burner Electric Ceramic Hob, designed to revolutionize your cooking experience with advanced technology and contemporary style. Crafted with precision engineering and innovative features, this hob offers unparalleled performance and versatility in the kitchen.


Featuring four radiant ceramic cooking zones, each with independent controls, our hob provides precise heat regulation for all your culinary creations. From gentle simmering to rapid boiling, you can effortlessly adjust the heat to suit your cooking needs, ensuring perfect results every time.


The smooth ceramic glass surface not only enhances the hob's modern aesthetics but also makes cleaning a breeze. Spills and splatters can be easily wiped away, leaving the hob looking pristine and ready for your next culinary adventure.


Safety is paramount in our design, with features such as residual heat indicators and a child lock function to provide peace of mind during use. The sleek and minimalist design seamlessly integrates into any kitchen, adding a touch of elegance to your culinary space.


Upgrade your kitchen with the superior performance and stylish design of our 4 Burner Electric Ceramic Hob. Whether you're a professional chef or a home cook, this hob is sure to become an essential tool in your culinary repertoire. Experience the perfect blend of form and function with our electric ceramic hob.

4 Burner Electric Ceramic Hob



  • Amperage Required 


    Colour Description 


    Control Type 


    Electrical Supply Frequency 


    Electrical Supply Voltage 

    220 - 240V

    Fuel Type 



    Maximum Input Power  5800W


  • Installing a 4 Burner Electric Ceramic Hob requires careful attention to detail and adherence to safety protocols. Here are some installation tips:


    Turn Off Power:


    Before starting the installation process, ensure that the power supply to the kitchen is turned off at the main circuit breaker. This is crucial for safety.


    Check Compatibility:


    Ensure that the electric ceramic hob you've purchased is compatible with the electrical supply in your home. Check the voltage and wattage requirements.




    Measure the cutout dimensions required for the hob to fit into the countertop. Follow the manufacturer's specifications for precise measurements.




    Ensure proper ventilation in the installation area to prevent the buildup of heat. Install a ventilation hood if necessary.




    Place the electric ceramic hob in the designated cutout area on the countertop. Ensure that there is sufficient space around the hob for ventilation and ease of use.


    Electrical Connection:


    Hire a qualified electrician to make the electrical connections. The electrician will connect the hob to the electrical supply using appropriate wiring and ensure that the connections are properly grounded.


    Secure the Hob:


    Use brackets or screws provided by the manufacturer to secure the hob to the countertop. This ensures stability during use.


    Final Checks:


    Double-check all connections and ensure that the hob is securely installed. Test the hob to ensure that all burners are functioning correctly.


    Safety Precautions:


    Provide clear instructions on how to safely use the electric ceramic hob, including how to turn it on and off and what to do in case of overheating or electrical issues.


    Professional Installation:


    If you're not comfortable installing the hob yourself, consider hiring a qualified professional to ensure proper installation and safety compliance.

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